July 16 2011 Autocross Results

How many combinations of 9, 6, 4, 3, 2 & 1 can add up to 18, and, why do we ask? For Harvey Nuttall, Jason Powell & Carl Zmijiewski this is the number of points each has earned in Autocross this season. With one event remaining (Sep 17), we have a three-way tie for first place!

For Jason, this week brought him a first place finish in A/AA class with a blistering time of 46.232 seconds. Jason also finished first in the May event. So for Jason 18=9+9.

Carl, finished second in A/AA class. Carl wins the prize for most entertaining run of the day by taking out 4 cones in one dramatic sweep. He threaded his way through the cones quickly and cleanly on his fourth run with a time of 47.468 seconds. For Carl, ever consistent, 18=6+6+6.

Harvey, finished fourth in B/C/D class. He and wife, Abby, fought it out throughout the day. At the lunch break, Abby had Harvey by a full second. With coaching from Ralph Sampson, Harvey was able to close the gap and take fourth in class. For Harvey, 18=6+9+3.

Ralph not only proved a good coach, but also a quick driver, picking up a third place finish for himself in the A/AA class.

Winning B/C/D class was Chris Itterly, joining us for the first time this season in his E36M3. We checked the rules three times, and, yes, his car really is a “B” class car. Following Chris in B/C/D class with a second place finish was Matt Huizing driving a red 325i. We welcome Matt who just joined the club this spring! Third place in B/C/D class went to novice driver Joe Little in his pretty blue M Roadster.

Our Porsche friends joined us again for this event. Tony Koufos again took first place in the "everything else" class, with Ricardo Gonzales and Jeff Margush finishing second and third, respectively.

Fastest time of the day went to Scott Nardin. He ran through the course in 43.978 seconds!

The weather was hot, the times were fast, and fun was had by all. Go to our chapter Facebook page and check out the great photos that Harvey posted!

The next event is September 17th. Come on out for the last event of the season and the inaugural use of the new, wireless timing equipment! With a three-way tie for Autox champion, the final event is not to be missed!