June 18 2011 Autocross Results

We had a great turnout of 22 drivers for the June 18 Autocross. It was great to see some of the club regulars and several of our Porsche-driving friends come out for the first time this year.

The morning was a nice, dry summer day. All was well and drivers ran well. For the most part, drivers ran their fastest times of the day in the morning. As soon as we got started after lunch, the single rain cloud in the area found us and it poured. Lakes formed on the track. Check out the photos on the facebook page to see just how much it rained while group 1 was on the track.

A question I asked myself while I was awaiting my turn to run – as an Autocross participant, do you prefer to drive in the wet, or work the course in the rain? Even though the course was wet, I think it was better to be in the car than out in the wet grass – after all, I ran my fastest time on my last run on a wet course in the afternoon.

Carl again designed a challenging course. This one tested your patience with tight turns in and around the keyhole. Ralph Sampson and Carl Zmijewski traded places a few times for fastest time in A/AA group. Ultimately, Carl ran the faster time (54.111 seconds vs. 54.610). However, since Ralph’s car has fewer modifications and competes in A class (vs. Carl in AA class), Ralph's time was adjusted by 1%, which allowed him to claim first place in the A/AA group.

Household competition continues to be alive and well in the Michiana chapter. Harvey Nuttall took first place in the B/C/D group, while wife Abby, driving the same car, took third in class. This win puts Harvey in first place overall, while Abby has moved to second overall. It will be fun to watch these two compete in the remaining two events!

Following along in family tradition, son Tim Nuttall captured the fastest novice of the day, finishing fourth in the B/C/D class in the same "BMR NUT" E30.

Jim Lynch and Dave Dolenski both brought their MINI's this week. Jim has further modified his, moving him up to "A" class. He turned quick times in the morning before the rain, earning him third in "A" group. Dave would have driven "Fudley" his E30, but while at Waterford Hills the previous day, the gear shift lever came off! So, he brought "Petey J," his 2007 MINI out to play and captured 2nd in B/C/D class.

The fastest time of the day belonged to Tony Koufos in his Porsche. No one could come close to his blistering 53.02 second time! Alan Ford and Ricardo Gonzales finished second and third, respectively in the "E" (everything else) class.