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Bimmer Bulletin Spring 2019

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Michiana Chapter News

2018 Autocross Dates    Friday, April 06, 2018
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Here are our confirmed dates for 2018! All events will be at the Tire Rack test track.
May 6 - Car Control Clinic co-event with the Motorcity Chapter 
May 20 - event 1 of 6
June 10 - event 2
July 15 - event 3
August 26 - event 4
Sept 9 - event 5
Oct 7 - event 6
All events can be found at https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/bmwcca/michiana 
Car classing changes for 2018 ... read https://www.facebook.com/groups/michianabmwautocross/permalink/1631273496956007/

2017 Autocross Schedule    Wednesday, April 05, 2017
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2017 Autocross Schedule

Sunday May 7th - Car Control/Intro to Autocross Clinic w/ MotorCity Chapter
Sunday May 21 - Event #1
Sunday June 11 - Event #2
Sunday July 16 - Event #3
Sunday Aug 6 - Event #4
Sunday Aug 27 - Event #5
Sunday Sept 17 - Event #6

Signup online at https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/bmwcca/michiana 

April 01 Autocross Results    Wednesday, April 05, 2017
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2017 Autocross Schedule

Check out all the details here
March 15 Autocross Results    Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

** New BMW mod points for 2016! **

Check out all the details here
March 01 Autocross Results    Tuesday, March 15, 2016
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2016 Autocross Dates!

Check out all the details here
November 16 Autocross Results    Monday, November 16, 2015
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2015 Autocross Stats...

Check out all the details here
2015 Autocross Stats    Monday, November 16, 2015
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We enjoyed another year of record setting attendance despite 4 of 6 events having rain associated with them.  I’d encourage you all to attend an autox event next season to experience the fun 1st hand ;-)
Michiana BMWCCA 2015 Season Autocross Series Stats
6 autocross season points events
1 autocross test-n-tune (only 11 drivers due to crummy weather)
1 car control clinic/intro to autox (mostly ran by the MotorCity Chapter)
Highest single event turnout to date at 45 (7/26/15) … last season was 42
Highest average season attendance to date at 38.2 … up from 32.3 last season … [18% improvement]
Catered BBQ at each event [100% improvement :-) ]
Rain had some impact on 4 of the 6 autocross events :-(
Total driver runs recorded in timing software = 1,830 runs
229 total driver registrations [up 18%] of which: 
122 of 229 (53%) were unique drivers [up 2%]
Of 122 unique drivers:
61 of 122 (50%) participated with Michiana Club for the 1st time [down 13%]
Of those 61:
22 of 61 (36%) were newbies to autocrossing [up 7%]
Of 122 unique drivers:
3 did all 6 autocross events
8 did 5 or more events
20 did 4 or more events
29 did 3 or more events
47 did 2 or more events
75 did only 1 event
Of 122 unique drivers…breakdown by class
5 == AA 
13 = A 
16 = B 
10 = C  
68 = E 
10 = EMOD
June 13 Autocross Results    Monday, June 15, 2015
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May 30 Autocross Results    Saturday, June 06, 2015
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Autocross Event 1 results

Check out all the details here
May 01 Autocross Results    Monday, May 04, 2015
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators
2015 Autocross Season Info    Saturday, March 28, 2015
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1st - Have YOU joined our facebook Autocross group?
To create improved information sharing, feedback, and community discussions, we have a new(er) facebook group for all things autocross and track.  We have 70 people already joined and some fun discussion threads too, so what are YOU waiting for? :-)

2nd - 2015 Dates are here!
Count 'em! Six, yes six season points events this year plus the Car Control Clinic! Oh baby, it's gonna be a sweet season!!!
All events at the Tire Rack test track in South Bend, IN.
May 3 (Sun) - Car Control Clinic & Intro to Autocross co-event w/ Motor City Chapter
May 30 (Sat) - event 1
June 13 (Sat) - event 2
July 26 (Sun) - event 3
Aug 16 (Sun) - event 4
Aug 29 (Sat) - event 5
Sept 19 (Sat) - event 6

3rd - Changes in 2015?
Yup, some tweaks are in the works for 2015 ... hey, another reason to join our Autocross Facebook group as you'll get sneak peeks and be able to provide input on the proposed changes ;-)

4th - Thank YOU
Thank you all for making the 2014 autocross season such a great success!  I truly hope to see everyone back again this season ... and BRING A FRIEND

Cya at the track!
Jason Powell - Autocross Chair
and the Autocross Team

March 01 Autocross Results    Saturday, March 28, 2015
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

2015 Autocross NEWS >>>

Check out all the details here
February 01 Autocross Results    Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Here's your 2014 Autocross recap: http://eepurl.com/_we8D

Check out all the details here
2014 Autocross Recap    Wednesday, January 21, 2015
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Here's your 2014 Autocross recap: http://eepurl.com/_we8D

September 13 Autocross Results    Monday, September 15, 2014
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We're switching to MotorSportsReg.com for pre-registration.  More info here:


Autocross Results for Events 2 & 3    Sunday, August 17, 2014
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Results from Autocross #2. 43 drivers! Results online at http://api.axti.me/Results/Event/s81p5rkpgo

Results from Autocross #3. We had 32 drivers of which 4 were 1st timers. Never done an autocross? You have no excuses
Our next autocross is Aug 31. Pre-registration will open in about 2 weeks.
Onine results: http://api.axti.me/Results/Event/awuohtvz59

Season points standings are here: http://fizzx.dyndns.org:777/club/MichianaBMWCCA/leaderboard
Jason Powell
- Autocross Chair

June 14 Autocross Results    Thursday, July 17, 2014
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Event #1 writeup and results

Check out all the details here
2014 Autocross Dates Announced    Monday, February 10, 2014
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Hey autocross folks! It's been a real challenge to acquire 2014 dates at the Tire Rack, but we finally have 'em! There could be an addition to the below, but the following are confirmed for 2014:

May 4 - Sun - Car Control Clinic co-event with the Motor City chapter
June 14 - Sat
July 27 - Sun
Aug 9 - Sat
Aug 31 -Sun
Sept 13 - Sat

We're very excited for the 2014 season to get underway and are working on some improvements to make the events even more awesome
this year!

Jason Powell and the Autocross Team

Planning for the 2014 Autocross Season Underway!    Monday, January 06, 2014
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Though the temp is currently -9 deg and the snow is flying, we're looking forward to a great 2014 Autocross season!  In fact, brainstorming and discussions for 2014 started back in October :-)

Proposed dates were submitted to the Tire Rack in December and we're waiting to hear back if they're approved.  This year we've proposed 5 season points events and 1 limited registration test-n-tune event.  A car control clinic with the MotorCity Chapter is also on the to-do list.

Some other items we're working on: faster registration process, new timing software (goodbye excel), and view live timing results on your smartphone.

Can't wait for the season to start!  - Jason Powell (2014 Autocross Chair) and the Autocross Team


BimmerBulletin Summer 2013 online    Wednesday, June 12, 2013
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Read the BimmerBulletin Summer 2013 issue online now. Click the link: http://michiana-bmwcca.com/content/newsletters/BimmerBulletinSummer2013.pdf 
While reading, click on any advertiser's ad, or click on any published link, and the newsletter will take you to that link.

Please post your comments on the Chapter Facebook page so we may hear your feedback.

Spring Issue of BimmerBulletin online now!    Saturday, March 30, 2013
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Please click on the link to read and download the Spring 2013 issue of the BimmerBulletin.

Post comments on the new 12-page format on our Facebook page and be sure to support all of the advertisers that made it possible.

Holiday Party pictures online    Thursday, March 21, 2013


Find yourself and giggle at your friends in the 2012 Michiana Chapter BMW CCA Holiday Party pictures.




Newsletter online now!    Monday, November 12, 2012
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Read All About It! Why wait for the newsletter to arrive in the mail? Click the link to read about the Holiday Party, the Autocross season, see Color Tour pictures...and more! Just click on the link. 


September 08 Autocross Results    Sunday, September 09, 2012
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Jason Powell, Ralph Sampson, Randy VonSteinen, Dustin Crider & Don Sjolin winning their classes at final Autox event.  Jason Powell & Chris Itterly are season co-champions.  Season Class Champions are Jason Powell (AA), Ralph Sampson (A), Chris Itterly (B), Harvey Nuttal (C).

Check out all the details here
Fall Newsletter online now    Thursday, September 06, 2012
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The fall issue of the Michiana Chapter's newsletter, now in full color, is at the printer, but here's your chance to read it now:



Please let us know what you think of the fresh design and all-color content.



August 11 Autocross Results    Sunday, August 12, 2012
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Rain doesn’t stop Autox #4!  A rainy morning gave way to a very nice afternoon with fast times posted by Jason Powell, class A/AA winner, Chris Itterly, class B/C/D winner and Scott Nardin, class E winner and fastest time of the day.

Check out all the details here
July 14 Autocross Results    Sunday, July 15, 2012
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Jason Powell wins Class A/AA at the July 14, 2012 Autocross, Chris Itterly wins Class B/C/D.  Chris is now the overall points leader with two events remaining:  August 11 &  September 8.

Check out all the details here
Autocross Results - July 14, 2012    Sunday, July 15, 2012
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Autox #3,  July 14, 2012

Another great day of Autocross competition with twenty-seven drivers competing in twenty-three cars.  Chris Itterly's highly modified 1979 323i saw a lot of track time, being shared by three drivers.  Chris, the current points leader, again won B/C/D class with a time of 45.498 seconds.  Second in this class was John Whalen, also driving Chris' car.  Randy VonSteinen finished third in his 135i.

In class A/AA, Jason Powell was competing in a black E36 M3 borrowed from a friend as his E36 M3 needed clutch work and wasn't yet ready for competition.  Turns out this friend's car is set up for NASA Time Trial Competition.  Pretty nice to have a friend like that!  Jason put on a great show as the car handled a little bit differently than his M3. Jason won class A/AA by about a 1-1/2 second margin with a very fast time of 41.651 seconds.  Ralph Sampson, who was only able to compete in the morning runs, posted an adjusted time of 43.121 seconds to place second in class. Carl Zmijewski finished third, with a time of 43.248 seconds. 

In class E, Steve Tamandli posted the fastest time of the day of 40.458 seconds in his highly modified 1985 orange Fiero.  Matt Napieralski finished second in his Porsche with a time of 44.101 seconds and Alan Ford took home third place with a time of 44.561 seconds in his 1972 Porsche 214.  Alan did let us know that this Porsche is for sale if anyone is looking for a fast car!

Several drivers benefitted from great coaching from Ralph Sampson, Chris Itterly, Jason Powell and Jim Lynch.  It's great to watch the times improve, as drivers learn from eachother and find ways to to go just a little bit faster.  Harvey and Abby Nuttall fought it out sharing the same car with Harvey finishing just three tenths of a second faster to claim household bragging rights for the next few weeks.  Eve Dolenski showed some great improvement this month, a result of coaching from Chris Itterly in June and Ralph Sampson in July.  At 46.216 seconds, she was the fastest female until Fran Napieralski, in her red Z3, ran her 7th and 8th runs, both under 46 seconds!

With just two events remaining, Chris Itterly is in the lead for the season championship with 27 points, Jason Powell in second with 18, followed by Jim Lynch in his Mini Cooper at 15 points. 

Thank you to all who helped out and to those who pre-registered.  The next event is August 11, at the Tire Rack. Photos will be posted to Facebook (thanks Harvey!)

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Many of the award winners and participants at the July 7 DeutscheMarques German car show at the Gilmore Car Museum were Michiana Chapter members.

The DeutscheMarques Auto Group website has a story with lots of familiar names and pictures of beautiful Bimmers.

Here's a link to the story on the website:


Here's a link to a picture gallery with lots of images from the event:


Many of DeutscheMarque organizers are Chapter members including Pete Hamlett, Harvey Nuttal, Lindsay Draime, Gary Apps and Brad Pines.

Bookmark the website for more German car information all year, or "join by email" for updates: http://www.DeutscheMarquesAG.com

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Shine up your Bimmer and help represent the Michiana Chapter! This event is organized by our members, under the DeutscheMarques Auto Group banner.


You’re invited to attend the inaugural DeutscheMarques German auto event on Saturday, July 7
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Gilmore Car Museum, 6865 Hickory Road, in Hickory Corners, just minutes off I-94 and just north of Gull Lake.
We’re expecting a wide variety of German cars, from classics, to great sports cars, to daily drivers. All German cars are eligible and our judges will be handing out awards in six classes. Bring your car and pay only $6 per person to participate and take home a free keepsake dash plaque. Regular 
museum visitors are charged $10. Gate entry benefits the Gilmore Car Museum.
DeutscheMarques Auto Group is a Michigan non-profit, so it is only due to the support of our sponsors, Delta Porsche in Grand Rapids, Orrin B. Hayes Mercedes-Benz in Kalamazoo, and Harold Zeigler BMW in Kalamazoo, that we are able to enjoy this premium automotive event at a world-class venue. Please shop with them for your next new or preowned German car.
We are Michiana Chapter members and we’re expecting a large turnout from several local chapters of other German car clubs. There are links to those groups on our website,  www.DeutscheMarquesAG.com, as well as links to our German car dealer sponsors. There even answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a downloadable copy of our event poster, too.
Not only will you be a part of a great German car event, you’ll get to explore one of America’s great automotive resources, the Gilmore Car Museum, with nearly 300 cars on display in buildings on its park-like campus. Grab a bite in the authentic 1941 Diner, the outdoor Gilmore Grill or new Cafe.
For more information, please visit our event website www.DeutscheMarquesAG.com or send us an email at DeutscheMarquesAG@gmail.com 
June 16 Autocross Results    Sunday, June 17, 2012
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Rick Gonzales wins fast time of the day in his father's car!  Abby & Harvey battle it out all day -- coaching from Chris Itterly helps Abby to gain household bragging rights for a few weeks.  Chris Itterly wins "B" class and in now the overall points leader, followed by a tie for second with Jim Lynch and Matthew Huizing.

Check out all the details here
June 16 Autocross - Father's Day Weekend    Sunday, June 17, 2012
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Father’s Day Weekend Autox,  June 16, 2012

Twenty-one drivers showed up to compete at the second Autocross of the season the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend -- though the competition wasn’t so favorable to the fathers.  Rick Gonzales, a new member, shared father Ricardo’s 1970 914-6 GT white Porsche.  All was fine for the morning runs, with father running much faster than son.  Then son Rick posted the fastest time of the day of 52.195 seconds in the first group’s afternoon session.  Father Ricardo, competing in the second group fought heat and sprinkles of rain but alas, came up .062 seconds short to finish second overall at 52.257 seconds.   Rick and Ricardo finished first and second, respectively in “E” class and overall finish order.

Meanwhile, competition was heating up in “C” class, with Harvey & Abby Nuttall fighting it out for household bragging rights.  When we broke for lunch, Harvey was nearly a half second faster.  Harvey, running in the first group continued to get faster in the afternoon.  Abby, running in the second run group and now knowing the time to beat in their beautiful black 1989 E30, turned to coach extraordinaire, Chris Itterly, who jumped into the car and gave Abby a few tips.  Abby then completed her last runs unassisted and was able to best her husband’s time by a full second to finish third overall in “C” class.

Winning “C” class was Furrin Group guest, Nick Nardin with a time of 55.994 seconds.  Finishing second in “C” class and now tied for second in overall season points was Matthew Huizing. 

Winning “B” class and finishing third overall was Chris Itterly in his 1979 white 323i. With two first place finishes this season, Chris is leading the overall standings at 18 points.  Chris also provided coaching to Eve Dolenski and to novice Kirsti Nuttall.  Kirsti, driving a very pretty blue E36 was able to cut her time down nearly 5 seconds throughout the day. 

Finishing second and third in “B” class were Furrin group guests Brad Yonkers and Brad DeLaby, sharing Brad Yonkers’ 2001 330ci.  Was it car ownership or skillful driving that allowed car owner Brad Yonkers to best Brad DeLaby’s time by less than a quarter of a second?

“A” class was won by Jim Lynch in his 2004 red Mini Cooper S.  Jim is now tied for second place overall in season points with 12 points.  Scott Limber and Al Cardenas finished second and third, respectively. 

We had several guests from the Furrin Group, a fun & very helpful group of people from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, most of whom drive furrin (=foreign) cars.   These included Dave VanderSchaaf who brought along his very cute young son (did anyone else notice the matching shoes?).  Although the son does have a 5-point harness in his car seat in the 1986 944 Porsche, the only driving he got to participate in was the parade lap.  He seemed quite satisfied to sit on Dad’s lap and help with timing and scoring.

If you are looking for more autocrossing or other fun with cars, check out the Furrin Group at furrin.org.

The next event is July 14, at the Tire Rack.

Fast times, bright skies    Thursday, May 24, 2012
Article by Edited by Craig Sisk

Michiana Chapter autocross season off to record start

Racers hit the track to snake between the cones on a course designed by chapter autocross co-chair Carl Zmijewski on May 19. A record thirty-two drivers competed in the opening round of the 2012 Michiana Chapter of the BMW CCA autocross season under brilliant blue skies at the Tire Rack in South Bend.

“This was our highest turnout, ever” said Eve Dolenski, chapter autocross co-chair with Zmijewski. This included 11 drivers competing with us for the first time, five novices new to autocrossing, and three new BMW club members. Most drivers volunteered to help their cone-dodging friends by helping to run the event.

“Carl’s course was good, easy to for novices to follow, yet challenging for experienced competitors” said Dolenski. (The course added) some new features he learned from the autocrossing seminar at the BMW CCA Driving Events and Chapter Congress meeting in Dallas last February.

“I was pleased with the course, I tried a couple of new things and they seemed to work well” said Zmijewski. “I heard positive feedback about it, (and) I thought it was fun to drive as well,” he said.

The fastest BMW was Class A/AA winner Jason Powell with a blistering 43.704 in his #17 black 1997 e36 M3 equipped with both Hoosier autocrossing race-compound tires and more than 130k miles on his original clutch. Autocrossing veteran Stever Tamandli growled his #198 V8 Fiero to the FTD, fastest time of the day, 43.634, just .07 sec. faster than Powell, winning Class E.

Chris Itterly, who brought three friends to compete (two joined our club), drove his white 1979 e21 323i #20 to a fast 47.184 (46.245 adjusted) to win Class B on a run with Eve Dolenski in the right seat. Itterly and Powell are now tied for the points lead. “Chris was a great help to me,” said Dolenski, “(He) coached me to lowering my time by 2.5 seconds, by helping me to see how I could improve my braking and cornering.”

Fastest Class A driver Ralph Sampson also provided in-car coaching for Kirsti Nuttall. He drove his #7 Class A black 1999 e36 M3 in 45.179 (44.727). Matt Huizing was fastest in Class C in 49.651 (48.176) in his #39 red e36 sedan. The quickest Class D driver was John Whalen, who finished third in B/C/D in 50.183 (48.206), driving the #71 1981 528i he shared with Matt McCoy, 57.054 (54.258). Kyle McKeown was the fastest of five novices. He drove the #37 blue Class B e46 325i to B/C/D 6th place in 50.752 (49.245). [Class adjusted times are in parentheses]

Prizes for winners were supplied by BimmerWorld and many thanks to our hosts, the Tire Rack, for a wonderful place to play on a beautiful day.

Autocrosses are scheduled for June 16, July 14, August 11 and Sept. 8, all at the Tire Rack. Come out and join the fun, novices and beginners are very welcome. A few loaner helmets are available.

For pictures by chapter president Harvey Nuttal from this event please see our chapter Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150970125534884.481741.349343139883&type=1

For pictures by Brad Pines, please see the Michiana BMW CCA galleries on his web site: http://bradleyspines.smugmug.com/Cars/MichianaBMWCCA

Spring Dust Off 2012    Tuesday, May 22, 2012
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This year the Spring Dust Off was a great event in spite rain that simply cound not put a damper on our spirits as we enjoyed our cars together and a superb lunch by Eric and Ranelle Smith.

Find pictures of yourself and friends during the 2012 Dust Off Drive. We drove miles with smiles. Feel free to download these pictures, print them and share. http://bradleyspines.smugmug.com/Cars/MichianaBMWCCA/SpringDustOffDrive051212/22971879_fhtJFR#!i=1846595016&k=cTGh27g

New Autocross Requirements for 2012    Saturday, April 07, 2012
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Important changes for the 2012 Autocross Season:

  1. We can only receive entry fees from members (see details for what this means for our valued guests.)
  2. Participants will be required to wear wristbands (to identify who has signed the waiver)
  3. Emergency contact information will be requested on tech sheet (optional, but for your benefit in case of an incident).
  4. Pre-registartion is requested (send Eve an email by Friday to let me know who's coming so that I can pre-populate the scoring sheet)

Events are Saturdays:  May 19, June 16, July 14, August 11, September 8



We are only allowed to receive money for Autocross events from members.   What this means for our friends who drive Porsches or other vehicles is that you must be a ‘guest’ to participate in events this year.  Please know that we welcome guests – we just can’t receive payment directly from them.  A member may bring (=pay for) up to seven guests per event (yes, an IRS rule).   We are required to document the names of the members who paid, along with the names of their guests.  Please be patient as we work through the paperwork at registration. 

Instead of continuing as a guest, please consider joining the Club.  In addition to enjoying Autocross, benefits include a fabulous monthly magazine, discounts at most BMW dealerships and other events with auto enthusiasts.  BMW ownership is not required for membership.


Why the change, you ask?

Because the BMW CCA is a 501(c)(7) Not for Profit organization, we are held to strict IRS requirements.   One of these requirements is that we cannot compete with tax-paying entities.  Now, we aren’t aware of any local companies holding for-profit Autocross events, but nonetheless, we are required to comply with the rules set forth by National.  Our type of non-profit classification exists for Social Clubs, like Private Golf Courses.  Essentially, a group of people with similar interests get together and form a club so that they may share the costs of their sport.  Like a Golf Club, we cannot be open to the general public, but we can invite guests to share in the joy of our sport. 


The BMW CCA has been audited by the IRS and some chapters came very, very close to losing non-profit status.  Our bylaws require us to have non-profit status, so if this is lost, so is our existence as a chapter. 

Thank you for understanding.

2012 Autocross schedule announced    Sunday, February 05, 2012
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This year we are going to have 5 Autocross events, one a month from May through September.   We will continue to have events on Saturdays at the Tire RAck in South Bend, Indiana.   More to come on the details, but for now, put the following dates on your calendar:

May 19,       June 16,      July 14,      August 11,     September 8

We look forward to seeing you there!

Article by

You can now order shirts, outwear, etc. from Lands' End with our new Michiana BMW CCA logo.  They have many great looking options available and you can choose from two logos.

Just paste the link below into the address bar on your browser and you will be directed right to our club's store front.  From there you can create a log-in and begin browsing to choose from their large selection of clothing.  During the order process you will be allowed to choose from our two logos and also the location for the logo to be placed on the item.   The most common logo location is on the left side chest. 


Our logos have some black colored text, so if you decide to order a dark colored item, I recommend that you type a note in the comments box to change the color of the thread to a lighter color.  I have used the silver color thread, which is already in the logo, to replace the black thread and it has turned out great.

Receipt of your order does take a little longer than most on-line clothing sites, since your item(s) will be custom embroidered before being shipped.  Expect to receive your item(s) in about two weeks.

When you create your log-in to the Lands' End site you will have the option of receiving promotional e-mails from them.  If you opt-in to these e-mails, you will receive a weekly e-mail for the discount of the week.  There are many times when the weekly discount is free shipping and free logos.  This can save you about $10 or more per item.

If you have questions about ordering Lands' End logo-wear, you can send me an e-mail at gregorystrader@yahoo.com and I will do my best to help you out.

O'Fest Date & Locaton set for 2012!    Saturday, December 03, 2011
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National announced that Oktoberfest 2012 will be at Mid-Ohio the week of September 17-23, 2012!  This is great news for our Chapter as this track is within a short day's drive for us.  If you haven't had the chance to drive Mid-Ohio, or attend an O'Fest, this is not an opportunity to miss! 

Tim Beechuk from the Buckeye Chapter is the event chair, so we know it will be a very well run event!

The host hotel will be in Columbus - about 45 minutes from the track.  The specific hotel hasn't been selected yet. 

O'Fest is a great week of playing with and talking about BMWs!  There is a concours (aka clean-car competition), Autocross, Driving School, Fun Rally, Time-Speed-Distance Rally, Trivia Contest, Gymkhana, Club Race, Photo Contest, Vendor Displays, Door Prizes, and lots of great hospitality and fun.  In 2011, there was even free beer most evenings from Spaten!

Mark your calendar, request vacation and make plans for O'Fest at Mid-Ohio, September 17-23, 2012!

Is your email address up to date?    Monday, November 28, 2011
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If you want to receive the latest news from the Michiana chapter via email updates you need to keep your email address up to date with the BMW CCA national office.  To check your email address go to http://www.bmwcca.org/login After logging in click on the "Manage Account" link at the top of the page and verify that your email address is correct on the next page.

September 17 Autocross Results    Monday, November 28, 2011
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Read all about the final round of the autocross championship:  A new champion is crowned, a record number of drivers participate, and Thanks!

Check out all the details here
July 16 Autocross Results    Monday, November 28, 2011
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Read about the 3rd round of the autocross season, here are a few details: A 3 way tie, a multi-cone killing skid, a rule book legal b-class e36 M3!

Check out all the details here
June 18 Autocross Results    Monday, November 28, 2011
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Read all about the second Autocross of the season, highlights include:  22 drivers including some of our Porsche friends, a lake on the track, a challenging course, household  bragging rights up for grabs, and a couple Minis!

Check out all the details here
May 14 Autocross Results    Monday, November 28, 2011
Article by Edited by Autocross Coordinators

Check out all the details of the season opening autocross. A drying track, a couple of spins, lots of novices, and a Subaru!

Check out all the details here