"New Autocross Requirements for 2012" Article Details

Originally Posted on: Saturday, April 07, 2012

Writen by: Eve Dolenski        

Important changes for the 2012 Autocross Season:

  1. We can only receive entry fees from members (see details for what this means for our valued guests.)
  2. Participants will be required to wear wristbands (to identify who has signed the waiver)
  3. Emergency contact information will be requested on tech sheet (optional, but for your benefit in case of an incident).
  4. Pre-registartion is requested (send Eve an email by Friday to let me know who's coming so that I can pre-populate the scoring sheet)

Events are Saturdays:  May 19, June 16, July 14, August 11, September 8



We are only allowed to receive money for Autocross events from members.   What this means for our friends who drive Porsches or other vehicles is that you must be a ‘guest’ to participate in events this year.  Please know that we welcome guests – we just can’t receive payment directly from them.  A member may bring (=pay for) up to seven guests per event (yes, an IRS rule).   We are required to document the names of the members who paid, along with the names of their guests.  Please be patient as we work through the paperwork at registration. 

Instead of continuing as a guest, please consider joining the Club.  In addition to enjoying Autocross, benefits include a fabulous monthly magazine, discounts at most BMW dealerships and other events with auto enthusiasts.  BMW ownership is not required for membership.


Why the change, you ask?

Because the BMW CCA is a 501(c)(7) Not for Profit organization, we are held to strict IRS requirements.   One of these requirements is that we cannot compete with tax-paying entities.  Now, we aren’t aware of any local companies holding for-profit Autocross events, but nonetheless, we are required to comply with the rules set forth by National.  Our type of non-profit classification exists for Social Clubs, like Private Golf Courses.  Essentially, a group of people with similar interests get together and form a club so that they may share the costs of their sport.  Like a Golf Club, we cannot be open to the general public, but we can invite guests to share in the joy of our sport. 


The BMW CCA has been audited by the IRS and some chapters came very, very close to losing non-profit status.  Our bylaws require us to have non-profit status, so if this is lost, so is our existence as a chapter. 

Thank you for understanding.