"Autocross Results for Events 2 & 3 " Article Details

Originally Posted on: Sunday, August 17, 2014

Writen by: Jason Powell        

Results from Autocross #2. 43 drivers! Results online at http://api.axti.me/Results/Event/s81p5rkpgo

Results from Autocross #3. We had 32 drivers of which 4 were 1st timers. Never done an autocross? You have no excuses
Our next autocross is Aug 31. Pre-registration will open in about 2 weeks.
Onine results: http://api.axti.me/Results/Event/awuohtvz59

Season points standings are here: http://fizzx.dyndns.org:777/club/MichianaBMWCCA/leaderboard
Jason Powell
- Autocross Chair