BMW CCA Driving Schools - Welcome to the Track!

BMW CCA driving schools are a great way to learn more about performance driving and how to control your car at the limit of traction. They'll help make you a safer driver on the street and more prepared to respond in emergency situations on the road. They are also a lot of fun! It's a chance to see what your car is capable of and to pack in more smiles per mile than you thought possible. You'll have some time to learn in the classroom, an instructor in your car every time you go out on the track, and a chance to hang out with your friends as well as many opportunities to meet new ones.

For those of you who don't know, the Michiana chapter has a good sized active group of drivers that attend lots of events throughout the year. We have several BMW CCA driving school instructors in our membership and several more experienced drivers that can give you some advice or just be a friendly familiar face at the track who is willing to give you a hand if you need it. We have 2 racetracks in our region (GingerMan and Grattan) and several more within a few hours drive.

Perhaps your an autocrosser looking for some more kicks, Perhaps you've read about driving your car at the track in Roundel and always thought about it but never saw any local offerings - this is the year to stop wishing and start doing - you are officially invited to come experience and enjoy the track with your fellow Michiana members!

Who can I talk to for more information?

Hi, I'm Craig - I'm the Performance Driving Chair for our chapter. What exactly is that? My job is to let you know about the track related activities happening in our region that other Michiana members will be attending.

I'm a point of contact for those of you who want to get in on all this fun or just want to have some questions answered. You can also expect to see a column from me in each issue of our chapter newsletter. I'll be covering topics that are related to driving at the track.

If you want to receive more information about upcoming events, sign up here. We'll be sending out notifications of when event registration opens and closes, early bird specials, and other pertinent information. You can sign up for just the tracks you are interested in or all tracks. We won't spam you, and you can unsubscribe if you decide it's not for you.

You can reach me at

Events Calendar

The Michiana chapter does not currently host its own driving schools as we are a small chapter and the events are costly to put on. But that doesn't stop many of us from going to the track. We have several neighboring chapters that host driving schools - some of them at tracks in our region! The other chapters are just as friendly and welcoming as ours and as a BMWCCA member you are welcome to attend any of these events and will receive the same treatment as the hosting chapter's members. The Michiana drivers generally park together in the paddock and often hang out together in the evenings.

Click on each row for details on each event including links to register and the track location, a track map, and a video of a hot lap at the track.

Track Dates Event Type Hosting Chapter
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Aug 16-18 BMWCCA Driving School Buckeye
Grattan Raceway Sep 13-15 BMWCCA Driving School Motor City
Putnam Park Road Course Sep 20-22 BMWCCA Driving School Windy City
Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI Oct 5-6 BMWCCA Driving School Badger Bimmers

Information for Novices

If you are thinking about going to the track for the first time, read this page. It contains information on what event to attend, what to expect, helmets, additional apparel, car preparation, driver preparation, tires, brakes, and more! It's a great first stop for getting prepared to hit the track. If you've still got questions after that, feel free to get in touch and ask me.

Discounts and Offers

See what discounts and offers are available from shops and vendors to support Michiana Chapter members going to the track.

Autocross and Track FaceBook Group

Check out the Michiana Autocross and Track Group on Facebook for updates, event reminders, pictures, and good discussion!