Auto Cross - Get out and experience your car!

The Quick Essentials:

  • For event registration and the most up-to-date info see: MotorsportReg
  • You don’t have to be a BMWCCA member to participate.
  • You don’t need a BMW to participate.
  • You must have a valid state drivers license. No permits.
  • We do 8-10 timed runs followed by ample fun runs after awards.
  • While we do have a few loaner helmets, we strongly encourage you to bring your own.

What is Autocross?

“Autocross is a precision sport, much like, say, archery, riflery or golf. You must be precise and consistent, all the while driving so fast you can barely concentrate."

Autocross events are a driving skill contest. Each driver is individually timed to the thousandth of a second, over a short, miniature road course clearly defined using traffic cones. Cars compete one at a time in a class with similar cars.

Due to the nature of a typical track, speeds can be slower when compared to other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the large number of elements packed into each course.

Autocross emphasizes driver skill and car handling rather than engine power and outright speed.

Autocross is an inexpensive, safe way to experience racing. The skills you learn and practice here; smooth transitions, enhanced braking, and skid correction, will have an immediate impact on improving the safety and skill of your street driving.  Many would-be race drivers use it as a jumping point into the sport of road racing. The greatest thrill of autocross is the challenge of beating your own time.

Autocross is also a very social sport, filled with some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. The camaraderie of the drivers is a special part of autocrossing that is profoundly satisfying.

Cars are divided into categories and classes. Classes separate cars by performance, so that M3s compete against M3s, and 2002s compete against 2002s, etc. Categories separate cars according to their level of preparation.

If you’re new to autocross you should really read through this excellent autocross handbook

Who can participate?

All, especially first-timers are welcome. Michiana chapter members are encouraged to bring non-member guests to events.

  • You do not need a BMW to participate.
  • You do not need to be a BMWCCA member to participate.
  • 2 people can share one car but each driver has to pay the event fee.
  • Drivers must have a valid state drivers license.  No driver permits allowed.
  • Event registration is limited to 45 drivers with priority given to members.

Where is it?

All autocrosses will be held at the The Tire Rack. Check out their website for information on the track and for great pricing and selection on tires, brakes, and more. We'd especially like to thank them for their generosity in letting us use their facilities.

7101 Vorden Parkway
South Bend, IN 46628

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When is it?

2019 Dates:

  • May 19 (Sun) - event 1 of 6
  • June 30 (Sun) - event 2 of 6
  • July 14 (Sun) - event 3 of 6
  • Aug 25 (Sun) - event 4 of 6
  • Sept 14 (Sat) - event 5 of 6
  • Oct 6 (Sun) - event 6 of 6
  • Registration: 9:00 - 9:30am (Eastern timezone)
  • Driver's meeting: 10am  This is MANDATORY for all drivers. Miss this and you will not be driving.
  • Wrap-up and Awards: typically we finish our 8-10 timed runs before or by 4pm.  After a short awards presentation, we have fun runs for 30-60mins.

What are the rules?

We closely mirror the autocross rules of the Windy City BMW chapter with a few slights edits. You can find our rules and car classes here. You will be responsible to fill out a self-tech form. If it's your first time please indicate so on the online registration so we can pair you up with someone to show you the ropes. The Michiana autocross self-tech form can be found here and will also be available at the event.

How much is all this fun?

  • $33 for members
  • $38 for guests/non-members
  • Lunch included with above registration fees *
  • Register and pay online at (onsite registration will incur an additional $10 penalty and lunch is not guaranteed)

* Fee structure subject to change slightly based on lunch costs

Need More Info?

If you have questions, please contact the autocross chair Jason Powell and visit our Autocross Facebook Group at

Past Autocross enewsletters:

Autocross and Track FaceBook Group

Check out the Michiana Autocross and Track Group on Facebook for updates, event reminders, pictures, and good discussion!